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World War II Photos - Italy

Captions will be added at the top of a photo, if known.

My dad's caption: "The bombed building right across the street from us." Foggia, most likely.

My dad's caption: "A few more eruptions and it'll be covered up."
This must have been very close to Mount Vesuvius, which was erupting at the time.

A fourth shot at Pisa, the other 3 are on the Pisa page.

Dad's caption: "Our Pride & Joy. Home of 421 Sig. Co. - some stuff." (Foggia, most likely).

Dad's caption: "Bambinos selling almonds right around the corner - Foggia."

Dad's caption: "Vesuvius smoke".

Dad's caption: "Foggia railroad terminal - all shot to hell."

And lastly, another photo of my dad, this may have been just after he arrived home.

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