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World War II Photos - Train / rail subjects

Captions taken from my dad's service album, but not necessarily 100% accurate.

One of my dad's best buddies pokes his head (& elbow) out of a train window.
Pompeii, Italy.

Florence, Italy.

Merano, Italy is way up north in the Alps, close to the border with Austria.

These were in my dad's Florence section, but they sure look like Cannes instead (2 photos).

Trolley tracks in the street - Foggia, Italy.

Florence, Italy.

Some of the images showing the rail destruction in Florence, Italy (7 photos).
The trolley photos are also from Florence.

A couple of steam engines can be seen here, too.

Mount Vesuvius as seen from Pompeii, Italy.

This system looks to be narrow gauge, the center section is paved.
This photo was also taken in Pompeii.

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